Train Hard.Track Smart.

WodUp is the only fitness platform that delivers flexible programming and adaptable performance tracking for 100% accuracy.

Give Your Athletes a Boost

Powerful Performance Tracking

The WOD may be the same, but each athlete is different.

WodUp delivers a customized experience that accurately reflects each athlete’s workout.

The result? Precise performance tracking and data that tells the whole story.

Track Every Rep

Unlike other leading platforms, WodUp records every rep for highly precise workout tracking.

Customizable Workouts

WodUp is the only platform that allows athletes to modify movements or scale a metcon to accurately reflect their workout.

Mark Milestones

Automated PR tracking, complete personal movement history, and comprehensive charts celebrate an athlete’s progress over time.

More Than Numbers

Athletes can leave workout notes for themselves, and connect with others through comments and likes.

Make Every Rep Count

Ditch the Calculator

WodUp uses the athlete’s workout history to automatically calculate percentages, so they know exactly what weight to load to keep progressing.

Search Less, Lift More

WodUp displays the relevant performance history for today’s WOD, encouraging athletes to set new personal records.

500+ Movement Videos

Our extensive video library is a great resource for coaches to introduce new movements, and for athletes to familiarize themselves with the “how-to” before class.

A Social Network for Your Athletes

Build Community

Athletes stay connected after class through likes and comments that motivate, encourage and celebrate progress.

Connect Across Classes

Live leaderboards display the entire gym’s performance.

Friendly Competition

Athlete-to-athlete comparisons provide realistic performance benchmarks to meet or beat.

What Our
Customers Say


I've been dreaming of the perfect programming and workout tracking platform, and WodUp has turned my dreams into reality.

Michael Schaal

Owner, Chikara CrossFit, Tokyo

Since starting our group training service back in 2013, we have experimented with a number of different athlete tracking systems to meet the demands of our growing community. WodUp is smooth, sexy and incredibly user friendly.

Ed Haynes

Owner, Coastal Fitness, Hong Kong

The performance tracking features really help to visualize progress in ways not previously available on other tracking systems.

Cris O’Brien

Owner, Reebok CrossFit Asphodel, Hong Kong

We have been using WodUp since May 2017 and find it extremely useful in helping our members track their lifts and scores. Programming in WodUp is simple and easy.

Clare Chan

Owner and Personal Trainer, CrossFit Cavaliers, Hong Kong


Supercharge Your WOD

Reinvent the Whiteboard with WodTV

More than a digital whiteboard, WodTV puts everything coaches and athletes need for a successful class onto a single screen.

  • Beautifully display WODs on a single screen

  • Pre-loaded movement history for each athlete eliminates the need to search for prior scores and 1RMs

  • Athletes lift smarter with auto-calculated loads and predictive weights to keep progress in sight

  • Modify or scale workouts to accurately log results

  • Athletes can make up a prior WOD or track their own workout during open gym

  • Automatically announce and celebrate PRs in the gym with WodUp’s PR gong

Program Your Way

Good training software should support your programming, not dictate it.

WodUp is the only platform that correctly supports programming and logging rep ranges, clusters, complexes, tempos, and max reps, providing coaches with the flexibility they need to program WODs, and the adaptability athletes require to accurately log their results.

  • Add coach’s notes to workouts

  • Access an extensive workout library, including all benchmark and Open workouts

  • Automate publishing of your WOD from WodUp to your website

  • Support multiple class types and different fitness levels within a single group class

WodUp on Any Device

Connect to your gym from any device, anywhere to view WODs, log results, check leaderboards, connect with friends, and enter your own workouts.

Fast Software,
Faster Support

WodUp is a fast, cloud-based platform. With minimal setup required, you can get started in minutes.

Our responsive Customer Support team is here when you need it. Our in-app chat is at the ready any time coaches or athletes have a question. And yes, there is a real person on the other end of the line!

We Can't Wait to
Train With You!